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Where Is The Power Button On My Samsung TV?

The power button on Samsung Televisions is located in the upper right corner or the left corner of the remote control. All Samsung Televisions have a control button located at the bottom of the TV. However, the exact location can vary from model to model. Many TVs have power buttons on the top, side (left, right or center), or at the back. Some brands even make their logo the power button.

If you don’t know how to use your Samsung TV set, please refer to the instructions in the manual or the guide book that came with the box. If your remote for the Samsung TV isn’t working properly and you can’t find the batteries or are lost, turn it on by pressing the power button.

The question is: Where is the power button on Samsung TV? Read the article to find out more about Samsung TVs and Samsung Smart TVs.

Is there a power button for the Samsung TV?

Every model of Samsung Televisions has a power button in the middle of the set, just below the screen. The button is located in the upper right corner or the left corner of the remote control.

How to control Samsung TVs with a remote

There are many Samsung TVs with a control button. You don’t need a remote controller to operate them.

The Samsung TV’s control stick (or Jog Controller) allows you to quickly turn on the TV, adjust volume, and input source. Smart Hub, Menu and Setting are available on other Samsung Smart TV models. This video will show you how to control your Samsung Smart TV without using a remote.

What are the buttons for Samsung smart TVs?

The red light on the TV frame indicates that the power supply is turned on. It is possible that you have the Control button. The TV controller is located on the right-bottom of the TV’s back. If it is not there, you can find it. To turn on your TV, the jog controller can move sideways and backwards. Hold the middle button. The middle button will simultaneously display the menu options on your TV screen. You can also turn your TV off using the same middle button. It is important to understand the location of the power button on your Samsung TV. This will help you fix problems when your Samsung TV doesn’t turn on.

The TV screen is black and the standby light is blinking.

Sometimes surge protectors can cut the required voltage. This causes the standby red light to stop flashing continuously and not stay steady, which indicates that there are voltage problems. Make sure you use high-quality surge protectors on your TVs.

If the Standby light on but the TV screen remains black,

If the TV’s light is on and it has a black screen, then your TV is powered. To turn on the remote control or power button, press the button below the TV.

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