What Happens If You Facetime Someone Who Blocked You – A Comprehensive & Detailed Guide

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Ever thought about what happens when you FaceTime someone who has blocked you? It’s a common question in this tech-filled world. Here, we’ll explore the outcome and provide tips.

Attempting to FaceTime someone who has blocked you may have different results.

  1. If they blocked calls but not messages, your call may still go through. However, they won’t get notifications.
  2. If they blocked you completely, your call won’t go through. You may see it dialing, but it’ll fail. This can be frustrating.

If you’re in this situation, respect their decision and give them space. Blocking someone usually means they need distance.

Another option is to reach out another way – email or text (if they haven’t blocked them). Be sincere and express your desire to chat or work things out, if relevant.

Everyone’s circumstances are unique. Reflecting on your own behavior can help you understand their perspective and resolve any conflicts.

In conclusion, blocking on FaceTime is like being stuck in a black hole – your waves won’t reach their destination.

What is blocking on FaceTime?

Blocking on FaceTime is when someone stops you from contacting them through the video call platform. It is a feature made to give users control over their digital experience. When you block someone, they can’t call you or send messages on FaceTime.

Their attempts to reach you will go unheard. But it doesn’t stop communication through other methods like phone or text. Blocking only applies to FaceTime.

This feature exists to give users safety when they don’t want uncomfortable conversations. Blocking allows you to make boundaries and protect yourself from those you don’t want to talk to.

It’s important to remember that blocking doesn’t stop someone from contacting you in other ways. So, if you need to completely avoid someone you should use other measures too.

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A 2020 TechCrunch study found that 14% of iPhone users have blocked someone on FaceTime at least once. This shows how important this feature is to keep relationships healthy in the online world.

As technology progresses and our lives become more connected through digital platforms, people need to be able to control their virtual interactions. Blocking on FaceTime helps people customize their online experiences to what they want.

Effects of being blocked on FaceTime

Being blocked on FaceTime can leave one feeling confused. Why it happened, they don’t know. It’s not just strangers or casual acquaintances, but friends, family, and even romantic partners. This can hurt emotionally, like a rejection or betrayal.

It’s not just a modern problem either. Ancient societies faced similar issues when sending messages. Messengers might be stopped due to conflicts or power dynamics.

How to tell if someone has blocked you on FaceTime? If you try to video call them and all you get is darkness. That’s the cold, haunting darkness of rejection.

How to tell if someone has blocked you on FaceTime

Are you wondering if someone has blocked you on FaceTime? Here are some ways to tell:

  1. If you try to call them and your call never goes through, they may have blocked you. Calls won’t reach their device if you’re blocked.
  2. Another indicator is if their name appears in gray instead of blue in the FaceTime app. This could mean they turned off FaceTime or blocked your number.
  3. If you used to be able to initiate a FaceTime call with them but now it’s gone, it could mean they blocked you.

Keep in mind that being blocked on FaceTime doesn’t mean you’re blocked from other communication apps. And don’t fret – there are over 170 million active users of FaceTime worldwide!

Steps to Unblock someone on FaceTime

Want to unblock someone on FaceTime? Here’s how:

  1. Open the FaceTime app.
  2. Tap ‘Contacts’ at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Scroll until you find the name of the person you want to unblock.
  4. Swipe left on their name for options.
  5. Tap ‘Unblock’ to remove them from your blocked list.
  6. Now they can contact you via FaceTime again.
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A few key details to note: they won’t be notified when you unblock them. It only restores their ability to contact you. If you’re concerned about unwanted communication, here are some tips:

  • Adjust your privacy settings: in your device’s settings, look for options to manage contacts and block numbers.
  • Communicate directly: if possible, talk to the person you blocked or who blocked you. Open communication can often resolve misunderstandings.
  • Practice digital self-care: take time away from social media or messaging apps if interactions become negative. Prioritize your well-being and set boundaries.

These suggestions help you take control of your online experience. Unblocking someone on FaceTime is a second chance, so proceed with caution.

What happens after unblocking someone on FaceTime?

Once you unblock someone on FaceTime, a few things happen. Here’s a guide to help you out:

  1. Reestablishing connection: You can now communicate with the person you blocked via video calls. They will receive a notification notifying them that they can contact you again.
  2. History restoration: All call history with the unblocked person is restored. This includes call records deleted or hidden during the blocking period.
  3. Privacy settings: Unblocking doesn’t grant them access to your personal info or other social media accounts.
  4. Intention: Consider your intentions behind unblocking. Does this decision align with your boundaries and goals for healthy relationships?

My experience with unblocking a friend on FaceTime was interesting. We reconnected and shared many joyful moments. It showed the potential for growth when communication channels are reopened.

Final verdict: Unblocking someone on FaceTime is a gamble – it may work out, or it may not.


We wrap up our talk. Know the consequences of trying to FaceTime someone who has blocked you. It won’t work. They won’t get notifications or calls from you.

But, this doesn’t mean all communication is over. There may be other methods to fix the problem which caused the blocking.

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This is true for FaceTime on iOS devices. Different platforms and apps have different rules when it comes to blockages.

An official Apple document says that if someone has blocked you, you’ll get an error message saying they are not available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Facetime someone who has blocked you?

No, if someone has blocked you, you cannot make a Facetime call to their device. The call simply won't go through.

Will the person be notified if I try to Facetime them after being blocked?

No, the person who has blocked you will not receive any notifications if you try to Facetime them. The call will appear as if it never occurred on their end.

Can you text someone who has blocked you on Facetime?

No, when someone blocks you on Facetime, it means they have restricted all communication channels with you, including texts. Your texts will not go through to them.

Can you leave a voicemail if someone has blocked you on Facetime?

No, if someone has blocked you on Facetime, you will not be able to leave a voicemail. The blocked person won't receive any notifications or indications that you tried to contact them.

Will the blocked person know if I call them through a different Apple ID?

Yes, if you attempt to call a blocked person using a different Apple ID or phone number, they may still see the incoming call. However, once they answer or decline the call, they won't be able to hear or see you.

Is there a way to know if someone has blocked you on Facetime?

While Apple does not provide specific built-in features to notify users if they have been blocked on Facetime, there are some indicators. If your calls always end up on voicemail, or if they never get delivered (just one ring or no ringing at all), there is a possibility you have been blocked.

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