How to Watch Abu Dhabi Grand Prix using the best Kodi addons

If you’re a fan of the zoom, zoom and vroom, vroom then you’re absolutely in the right place! Formula 1 races are making their way towards you. If you are an Abu Dhabi resident, well we surely have a piece of good news for you. As all of us know, the Formula 1 tour is happening in all parts of the world with other car racing events in Mexico at the Mexican Grand Prix and the UK with the British Grand Prix being some of the most recent. Widely famous for advanced vehicles and terrifying speed, Formula 1 races are much loved by all. So, all you Abu Dhabi people get ready to experience and watch the Formula 1 adventure live as Grand Prix is coming to your place soon. Stick along for all the details about the event and how can you watch it on various devices.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Racers from all around the globe take part in this highly reputed racing game. You’ll be able to watch this Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at 1 pm in the Yas Marina Circuit and is currently set to take place on the 1st of December 2019. Book tickets as soon as possible to get the best view of the event. You must take your seats before the specified time to make sure that you do not miss out on anything happening in the event.

You can even watch the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on your television or other devices. All you need to do is switch the channel to one that is broadcasting the racing live. Of course, if you do not have a cable subscription or do not subscribe to the specific channel you could have some issues. In addition, carrying a television everywhere is not possible all the time. That’s where smartphones and android devices come in the picture. Installing certain apps and software on your devices can help you enjoy all such live events anywhere you want.

Need For a VPN to Watch Abu Dhabi Grand Prix online

The Internet is full of prying, one wrong decision, and some evil-minded person can have hands-on your confidential information. So, is there a way to solve this issue? Well, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your information private. However, most of them are pretty complex in nature. The easiest of all is the VPN. With so many VPN options already available, making the right choice can be a little challenging. So, stick through this article to learn about VPN in all details. Most importantly, why you need a VPN on your device.

A VPN is also known as Virtual Private Network. Learning about VPN in one go is not possible. It is a broad term, and you will get to know its benefit once you start using it. No matter what device you are using, a good VPN like IPVanish should be used. IPVanish has clients that can be installed on all devices without any difficulties. Most people use a VPN to hide their internet activities from every greedy eye looking for confidential information. So, here are certain VPN benefits that will help you decide whether you want a VPN or not. Let’s dig right into it without any delays whatsoever.

  • Extended security

    Security is something you enjoy while you a have VPN installed on your device. We access and share a lot of information through the Internet. Every information passes the server, and the chances of it being seen by hackers are high. A Good VPN like IPVanish, creates an invisible wall around you that allows smooth inflow and outflow of information. The data does not get seen by anyone but the receiver as it is fully encrypted en route.

  • Anonymity

    The fact that someone can always know about your IP address and location is pretty terrifying. Well, you can go completely anonymous if you do not wish to share all this information. A Good VPN like IPVanish, gives you the anonymity power you need. You can hide your location or pretend to be somewhere else while you are resting at home. This comes in very handy if you’re being blocked by geo-restrictions – that is content that is only available in certain regions. With the right VPN in place, you can easily connect to a server in a different country helping you bypass those restrictions quickly and easily.

  • Speed

    Many ISPs throttle the connections of their users who stream lots of content. With a Good VPN like IPVanish, protecting and encrypting your connection though, your ISP is unaware of your activities online. As such you can stream everything you want without any issues at all and you do not have to worry about your speed slowing down or buffering.

  • Online shopping

    A Good VPN like IPVanish, is also much recommended if you do a lot of online shopping. You see prices for certain items like flights and hotels are cheaper depending on where you book the ticket from. By purchasing the same ticket from different geography you could save tens if not hundreds of dollars.

People often choose to go with a free VPN which is absolutely the worst idea there is. You see free VPNs do not really protect you or provide you with the service you need. With a VPN you want to have a fast server that does not significantly impact your web traffic. Free VPNs simply by their nature cannot offer this service which means your web streams will buffer and lag. What’s worse though is that they do not provide you with anonymity.

Addons to Watch the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

One of the best places to watch all the content online is KODI. It has made its way into one of the world’s most reputed online streaming platforms. You can find content belonging to all categories. However, installing a couple of addons on your KODI will help you enhance your experience. So, here is a list of addons that you can use to watch Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and other Formula 1 events as well live, in excellent quality. These are:


You must have come across this name much time while changing channels on your TV. NBC Sports addon is just great to watch all sports-related content, and Formula 1 is no exception. It is an official addon, so the quality of the video must not be doubted at all.

The addon is readily available for all devices and can be obtained from the official Kodi repository directly. Keep in mind with the official addon you will need to have a cable subscription with NBC Sports included – Kodi, in this case, is simply allowing you to enjoy the content away from your home. You will surely have a great time watching the thrilling Formula 1 race with this addon. All live updates of the event are just a click away from you now. Remember you will need to have a Good VPN like IPVanish if you’re outside of the US though as this addon will only work in the States.

Rising Tides

If you’re interested in watching the race for free Rising Tides is a great addon that is “rising” in popularity (sorry about that). It’s got lots of sports-related content that is categorized to make it easier to find and offers many streams in HD also. Check out some detailed installation instructions for Rising Tides here to get you started.


This addon is not dedicated purely to sports like Rising Tides is. Rather it offers a bit of everything and is truly selfless (sorry – couldn’t resist another one) in its behavior. Follow these steps to install Selfless on your Kodi device quickly and easily. With Selfless you’d need to go to the sports category to find the races but if you want just one addon for everything this might be the one you’d choose.


Now while there is a Kodi version of Mobdro that you can install here, there is also a simple android version if you’re not a fan of Kodi. Mobdro like Selfless has a bit of everything … it just has lots more! Follow these instructions to get the Android version of Mobdro on your system and get ready for the races!


So, what are you waiting for? The information you need about your favorite sport is here. Either you book a ticket and fly to Abu Dhabi for the Grand Prix or install Kodi and VPN, to watch it online, the choice is entirely yours. Did I mention that the Grand Stand tickets are about $800?

However, if you decided to watch the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on your streaming device, just remember to turn a Good VPN like IPVanish on to bypass geo-restrictions e keep yourself on the right side of the law!

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