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Schlage Sense vs Connect vs Encode Best Smart Locks

Schlage is a well known company in the world of locks as you may well know. Naturally, the company also has a handful of smart locks to enhance home security. For those unaware, smart locks are an excellent replacement for traditional home locks. These add in a touch of technology while holding onto the traditional key system (some models). The idea here is to make unlocking and locking a door as convenient and hassle-free as possible. But picking the best smart lock out there is not an easy task as you’d imagine.

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There are multiple variants available in the market that can often confuse the customers. So it makes sense to get a brief understanding of each product and pick the right one for your needs. To make it easier for you, we have picked the Schlage Sense, Connect and Encode for a comparison, giving you a good idea about which one to pick.

Schlage Sense vs Connect vs Encode Best Smart Locks

Schlage Sense

The Sense is the company’s mid-ranged smart lock that comes with all the smart features that you can ask for. This features a deadbolt design, making it compatible with a wide range of doors available at homes today. Since this is a smart lock, you can operate the lock simply using the smartphone app. You can enable the ability to unlock and lock from anywhere using the Schlage Sense WiFi Adapter which has to be bought separately. This deadbolt works with doors of up to 1.37 to 1.75 inches, so be sure to have the specifications right before you order this product.

The best part about the Sense is that it comes with support for Amazon Alexa. The caveat, however, is that you will need a hub and an Alexa device to use it. Although it’s not enabled directly, it’s good to know for the owners of Amazon Echo devices. The app lets you set schedules and even see usage patterns for the lock, giving you a very good idea of who accesses it and when. You can also manage codes using the same app, which makes it a key element in the proper functioning of this lock. You can get the Schlage Sense in Satin Nickel and Matte Black, giving you enough choices to pick from.

While prices of smart locks keep fluctuating, you will most likely find the Schlage Sense under the $200 mark on Amazon. If you’re looking for a top of the line smart lock but don’t want to spend big, this is the one to go for. If you’re looking to enable and remote access as soon as you get this product, it might be worthwhile to checkout a few bundles that the retailer is offering right now. This includes a Wi-Fi adapter, handle sets, and more. This allows the flexibility to go with conventional handles for your new smart lock system.

Schlage Connect

The second offering on our list, the Connect is also pretty decent on its own, but clearly lacks some of the features of the aforementioned smart lock. This basically means that you don’t get app access with this offering, although Amazon Alexa integration is possible if you have an Echo device and a hub at home. In terms of design, however, it’s not a lot different from the Sense. The display is touchscreen here, while the lock is capable of remembering up to 30 personalized user codes at a time. You can create temporary codes and delete them at your convenience, thus adding an extra layer of security, especially if you’re entertaining guests.

The company claims that the display is resistant to fingerprints, which is necessary in a commodity like this. In terms of power consumption, it uses four AA batteries, which can last for more than a month depending on your usage. However, it is recommended to get rechargeable batteries to reduce spending on individual AA batteries.

There’s absolutely no compromise here on security, as the smart lock offers 3 alarm alert settings built-in. Moreover, it comes with ANSI Grade 1 residential security features, letting you sleep easy at nights or when you’re away from home. While it doesn’t feature automation by default, if you have a Z-Wave controller installed, you can enable automation on this lock as well. However, this means the pricing of the Connect will go up a touch, especially if you plan on including the Z Wave hub with this product.

The Schlage Connect is available in five colors, giving you enough choice to customize your options. Installation here is pretty much the same as any other Schlage smart lock and all you need is about one hour of time and a capable screwdriver. It’s a great smart lock to have and although it’s slightly cheaper than the Sense, we feel it could be much cheaper given the pricing of other Schlage products.

Schlage Encode

This is perhaps the best offering of the lot, which also means that it’s significantly more expensive than the two products mentioned above. But we think the pricing is justified given the features that this product packs under the hood. One downside here is the fact that customers only get two color variants two choose from. But fortunately, the both options accommodate for dark and light colored doors respectively. Much like the Schlade Sense and Connect, the Encode is pretty easy to install and only requires a screwdriver and a little bit of time. If you’re doing this for the first time, it makes sense to check out the company’s instructional video on Amazon.

You can pair this smart lock with the Schlage Home or Key app and use it from practically anywhere thanks to built-in Wi-Fi on the lock. All this is possible without requiring any additional accessories. The app can also help you generate up to 100 separate access codes in temporary or permanent form depending on whom you’re giving access to. There’s a built-in alarm technology here that senses when something fishy is going on around the lock, and can even send low battery alerts you well in advance so that you’re prepared with fresh ones.

It comes with a fingerprint resistant touchscreen display on board, so you don’t have much to worry once you’ve finished installing the lock. Matte Black and Satin Nickel are the color options here, although I would personally choose the Matte Black variant. You can pair this with an existing Amazon Echo device to enable handsfree voice control.

At around $250, this is the most expensive smart lock of the three. Given the features it’s packing, this was very much expected. Schlage offers multiple bundles with its products, and this one is no different. For just $50 more, you can also choose to get the Amazon Cloud Cam for an added layer of home security. But if you’ve already got a cloud camera in place, it makes sense to pick the lock only offering.

Sadly, the company doesn’t offer any handle sets or other related bundles, so what you see is what you get here. Perhaps the Schlage Sense is worth checking out for added customization options for your door.


As you can probably see from the specifications and features of these locks, each variant has its own appeal. All models bring security and modern technology to the table, making it an exciting prospect for any home. As for which is the best model of the three, well, that depends on how much you’re willing to spend.

We wouldn’t recommend the cheapest option on this list, primarily because if you pay slightly more, you can get a significantly better version, i.e. the Schlage Sense. The Encode is in a league of its own, as evidenced by the price tag. This means that you can’t really go wrong with either products mentioned here. Schlage has been involved with locks and deadbolts for a long time, and we can safely say that these are some of the best smart locks available in the market today.

When it comes to design, however, it’s hard to look beyond the Schlage Encode. The big display with digits allows for easy access to numbers even during the night. It also offers one tap lock, something that can significantly ease your worries about home security. If it’s home security you’re after, it definitely makes sense to invest in a product that can offer the best in the business. But with that being said, it’s hard to go wrong with either of these products mentioned here.

We strongly recommend users to pair a smart lock with a hub and connect all your automated devices at home, to help you track the activities of your home by simply opening a smartphone app. While investing in home automation used to be an expensive prospect initially, it has become easily affordable for everyone.

So with that in mind, we hope you make the right pick out of the three Schlage smart locks mentioned here.

Have you made your pick already? Be sure to let us know.

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