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JellyBuddy Review: Genuine? JellyBuddy Scam or Legit?

JellyBuddy is a good option for online purchases. Let’s first determine if is a scam or a legitimate online store by reading this JellyBuddy review. This page will show you the real face of this website so you can determine if it is a JellyBuddy scam or a legitimate company.

What is

You can shop tops, bottoms and outerwear at this online store. There are many things that you need to know before shopping at it.

JellyBuddy has been deemed unrecommendable due to the following:

Address of the Company:

On About Us and Contact Us pages, the company’s address is listed as Apt#D Huangcun North Rd#26 in Tianhe district Guangzhou, Guangdong. Google Maps does not show any JellyBuddy business near this address. There are other businesses mentioned instead. We will not recommend this company to anyone who does online shopping.

According to WHOIS, the domain name was registered on 2021-04-09 but it has stated that its Privacy Policy was last modified on 27 Sep 2019. It can update something on its website, even though it was created.

Copied content

The product images used in its catalog don’t look unique. This means that it has either copied and pasted images from other websites, or is reselling clothing and other products. Many of its content, including the website theme, match multiple problematic websites.

Returns and Exchange

It has a Return and Remuneration Policy that is not eligible for exchange or return of any items. These websites have confusing terms that make it almost impossible to receive the full payment.

Our Final Verdict:

These facts suggest that JellyBuddy may be one of the most suspicious websites.

Click >HERE to see a list of suspicious websites. Or scroll down in our “Scams” category and find information about different types of scams. You can also navigate our website by clicking >HERE.

You can leave a comment about the company below. You can also share this review via your social media accounts with your family and friends to let them know about this online store.

Many online shops claim to offer huge discounts on many items, but they are often scams. Avoid these online shops or do your research before buying anything. Most of these online stores won’t ship the items purchased to clients, or deliver inferior or unreliable items. Scam online shops may charge clients their credit cards randomly, without their consent. If you’ve ever been charged incorrectly by a scam website, you should immediately notify your bank or credit union to protect your credit card details.

Best of Luck!

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