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How to train a Sephiroth amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Sephiroth, the third character to be announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ssecond Fighters Pass was also the only antagonist that will appear as downloadable content. Sephiroth’s physical amiibo has a largesword. Make sure you have enough space to display it. Sephiroth’s in-game firepower is OK, both as an FP competitor and as a Raid boss. Let’s get to today’s training.


This section is for you if you are interested in learning more about Spirits Sephiroth. You can skip this section if vanilla training (with Spirits) appeals to you. For more information about amiibo training, please visit our detailed spirits guide. After you’re done, make sure to check out Sephiroth’s top setups.

  • Sephiroth enjoys keeping his distance with the enormous range of his sword, so spirits that can help him live longer are best.
  • or Magic Attack — when his wing comes out, he runs really fast. and Air Defense
  • Causes his Shadow Flare and down smash attacks to nearly instantly shatter shields. .

Specific stat spreads don’t matter to most fighters. Sephiroth is an exception to this rule. His lack of weight causes him to struggle in the Spirits metagame. We recommend that you invest a little more in his defense stat (2000/2200, 1800/2400). You’re ready to train! You can then confirm that your FP’s Spirit-type is neutral and you are ready to train.

Competitive Training

Sephiroth’s ideal training is very similar to what you might think: use his sword. This is a tip that will help you avoid off-stage play. Sephiroth’s AI can charge up its neutral special at ledge level later, which works perfectly. Sephiroth, one of the few Figure Players that can afford to leave the stage for edgeguard, isn’t one. But, here’s what he could do:

  • Forward tilt and forward smash are your best moves at close range. For KOs, the former is more effective than the latter. Down tilt can be combined in, and you can combine them into an up tilt or neutral air, up air or up smash.
  • Grabswork also, but with a lower frequency than those listed above. Simply throw your FP away with a forward throw or back throw when you grab it. Sephiroth’s AI can automatically combine Sephiroth’s down throw with a forward or reverse air at higher levels.
  • Mix in some Megaflareprojectiles from a distance. However, make sure that you never land the move against your FP if it’s not on its ground. This will cause your FP to use its neutral special anti-air as a weapon, which is not what we want. Be careful!
  • up tilt is the anti-air you should be using. You can use it after a parry to scoop ground opponents into its sweetspot. neutral Air can be used to land when you are launched upwards or dropping from the respawn station.
  • Finally, you have the option to use some dash attack and jab, Shadow Flare, Back Air, and Scintilla. These moves are not used by the AI well, so they’re considered low-priority. These moves should be used first!

The only attack that you should never, never use is down air. It could theoretically be used at the edge to spike an opponent who is recovering. Sephiroth’s AI sometimes misses the edge and uses this move for self-destruct. You should avoid it at all cost. If Sephiroth hits you with downair, we recommend that you quit the match.

Raid Boss Training

It is easy to train Sephiroth to be a Raid Boss. He mainly uses single-hit moves to do maximum damage. However, there are some neat combos that he can use. While the competitive version would like to walk all the time, the Raid Boss version is able to run and dash! Keep rolling and keep air-distraction to a minimum. These are the moves to use:

  • Grabsare great for a Raid Boss Sephiroth. You can combine forward or back throws at low percentages to increase damage. This combo is not necessary for you. Simply use a forward throw, or back throw when grabbing without pummeling.
  • Forward tilt, down tilt and some up tilt are Sephiroth’s best grounded options. You’ll find your FP moving for follow-ups at higher levels by using down tilt.
  • Neutral, forward, and back air are your best aerial moves. Up air is also a great choice. While this isn’t all his aerial moves, they are still worth your time. For spacing, use forward and back air. Then, use neutral air for a safe landing. Remember that FPs will not recognize aerials if they are used while you’re falling. Use them only after the jump’s apex or short hop.
  • Up Smash and Down Smash are great for scoring KOs or shattering shields. You can also add Shadow Flare and Dash Attack from a distance. But be careful with these moves.

You’ll need to keep your feet on the stage, as opposed to letting it go to the edgeguard with aerials. Also, avoid down airs. You can find out more about amiibo training, and how it works in our general guide or our personalityguide. Both are extremely helpful for newcomers.


We appreciate you taking the time to read this. Sephiroth is a unique FP. He does not excel in all tiers but does enough to be considered a good enough FP. His AI is constantly changing during training and he doesn’t receive his final product until level 46. You may notice some behavior patterns that you don’t like, but it’s OK. If you enjoyed this article, please visit our Discord group, our Patreon Page, and our donation page. Happy training!

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