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How to download and use amiibo bin files, explained

One thing is certain if you are an amiibo collector: amiibo can be costly,and downloading amiibo file files is a great method to avoid the high price tag of Nintendo’s highly-valuable figurine line. The cost of the amiibo that matches your character could be as high as $100, depending on what you choose. Although we are unable to give out bin files directly, we can help you better if you join the Discord community – we host events such as Animal Crossing visits and Smash arenas – so please feel free to stop by! We’ll continue to cover what bin files are and how they work.

Amiibo Bin Files, Explained

For those who don’t know what a.bin is, it’s the file that’s kept in each amiibo’s base. They are also stored on the cards! The NFC reader on the Nintendo Switch reads the contents of amiibo files and makes them appear in-game. Mobile apps such as TagMo allow players to convert these files to blank NFC card purchased online. They can then use them like genuine figurines by using TagMo!

You can find our complete TagMo guide here if you don’t know what we mean. TagMo can be used to backup your existing amiibo figurines. Although the figurines themselves are very nice, they can be quite bulky. It’s much easier to organize your cabinets and drawers using a Power Tag (explained below).

Bin files can be used for a lot of things! Blank NFC cards can be used with custom.bin file to look exactly like the real thing. You can assign it to someone, change its name, or write data to it. We can even host amiibo tournaments in Super Smash Bros thanks to.bin files. Ultimate! Discord Server: If this sounds like fun, you can get started. We host tournaments all the time and some even offer small cash prizes. There are many questions that you can ask!

We’ve got the information you need to help you use your bin files. You can check out our TagMo or amiibo Powersaves guides depending on what device you have. NFC Tools is also available, but it only allows you to convert Figure Players who have been trained in Smash Ultimate into online tournaments.

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