A Guide To Smartphone Repair Services

The smartphone industry has made great strides in the past few years. And though that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s a fact that it also came with a few downsides. For one, smartphones nowadays are no longer repair-friendly compared to older models. What that means is it now takes more time, effort, and skill to repair a phone. iPhones are a prime example of this.

In the past, it only required one to have a basic idea of how the smartphone works to fix a minor issue. But nowadays, you must have a higher level of proficiency to repair a smartphone successfully.

For that reason, smartphone repair services are now indispensable for many users. If you intend to seek assistance from these services, there are a few things you need to know first.

Smartphone Repair Services: Looking For A Suitable Service Provider

Of course, before you get your smartphone fixed, you must first look for a service provider. You may find it difficult right off the bat as there are countless providers to choose from in the market. To make it easier, you should first narrow down your options as much as possible, and here’s how you can do that:

  1. Check the internet for reviews on each service provider on your list.
  2. You should expect a higher fee if you intend to send and receive your phone by mail. The service provider may consider the costs they incurred traveling from their workshop to your address and vice versa. To minimize the total cost and wait time, you might want to limit your options to those within your area. For instance, if you’re from Sydney, Australia, you can go here and check their offerings.
  3. Not all providers may offer the specific service you’re looking for; Some may specialize in iPhone repairs, while others only provide Android repairs. Make sure you narrow your options to providers that offer the appropriate smartphone repair service.
  4. Make sure the price is reasonable—not too low to the point that it’s too good to be true, but also not too high that it’s no longer affordable or worth it.
  5. Narrow down your options to service providers that have a warranty. It shows that the provider is confident with its services. Those without are often not as trustworthy as those with a warranty.
  6. Most smartphone brands have several service centers around the country. Decide whether you’ll opt for a third-party smartphone repair service provider or those service centers. Service centers tend to be more reliable as they represent the brand. However, you may also find professional third-party smartphone service providers.

Smartphone Repair Services: Sending A Repair Order

After choosing a service provider, you typically have to send a repair order, just like how you would book an appointment at a restaurant. You may have to provide the following details:

  • Your full name
  • Information about the smartphone (e.g., operating system, model, year)
  • Potential issue
  • Photos
  • Contact details
  • Delivery method (walk-in or mail)

Ensure you provide the correct contact details since that’s the number they’ll use to contact you once the repair is finished. You may receive an order form once you’ve provided the necessary details. Save that form.

Smartphone Repair Services: Before You Mail Your Smartphone

Smartphone users often make the mistake of sending their devices to the service provider without any preparation whatsoever. However, there are several steps you must take before you send your smartphone to the smartphone repair service provider for your safety and security. Here are the steps:

  1. Create a full backup of your smartphone.
  2. Remove the SIM card/s.
  3. Disable any security measure that may slow down the repair time.
  4. Remove any external storage or SD cards.
  5. Take note of the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)—the unique number somewhere on the back of the smartphone or in its settings. The IMEI will allow you to confirm whether the phone you’ll receive is yours and not just an identical copy of it.
  6. Log out from all your accounts.
  1. Perform a factory reset to wipe the remaining personal information.

Smartphone Repair Services: Sending The Smartphone

If their workshop is within the same city as yours, you can simply drive to the location. But you can also pack the smartphone. Here’s what you need to do if you choose mail service delivery:

  1. Print the order form you saved earlier.
  2. Get a cardboard box.
  3. Put the smartphone inside the box. You can add bubble wrap, styrofoam, packing peanuts, or any packing supply that can serve as a cushion.
  4. Use packing tape to secure the box.
  5. Attach the order form to the box where the mailman can see it.
  6. Drop the package off at the nearest post office. If you have a mailbox, put it there.

Smartphone Repair Services: Receiving The Smartphone

Depending on your service provider, it may take a day to a week for the repairs to finish. But once the repairs are complete, the service provider may send you a message via email or SMS. At that point, you should now be able to find the package in your mailbox or the post office. In addition to the repaired smartphone, there may also be a warranty for the parts they used for repairs.

Closing Thoughts

Though it may have been possible to repair a smartphone by yourself at home, nowadays, that’s no longer as plausible. Not only do you need special tools, but smartphones have also become more intricate. One mistake can render the device useless, so it’s best to rely on professionals, especially if you don’t have the technical know-how.

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