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Grandmaster Nightfall This Week, Rotation & Rewards – April 26, 2022

GM Nightfall Series of the Risen – Destiny 2 has seen a lot of changes and updates since its launch, but the Grandmaster Nightfall is the most notable addition. This weekly event pits players up against powerful bosses to try and earn rewards that will help them get through the game. This mode can be approached in many ways. Grandmaster Nightfall offers something for everyone, whether you are a professional player looking for a challenge, or a novice trying to get some valuable loot.

Grandmaster Nightfalls, which are the final activity in Destiny 2, are arguably more difficult than the Raids. Nightfalls can be quite forgiving, so long as you have the right loadout, it’s possible to breeze through all content. Grandmaster Nightfalls are difficult and require you to have the most efficient loadout. You can’t finish them without the right match-game weapons and character builds. You also get the best loot in Destiny 2 during GM Nightfalls.

Grandmaster Nightfall Requirements in Season of the Risen

Players must reach Power level 1575 or higher to be able access GM nightfalls during the Season of the Risen. Season of the Risen has a hard cap of 1560. This means that you will need to do a lot of pinnacle farm to get there.

GM Nightfall Modifiers

  • Acute solar burn+25% and +50% respectively.

Nightfall GMs have the strongest modifiers such as Champions, Match-Game, Champions and Overlords. They can take down anything you want. You also have very few revives.

Grandmaster Nightfall Schedule 2022 & Rewards This Week

GM Nightfalls will return on April 5, and the information will be posted here as soon as the reset occurs.

Date Strike Name Reward Program
April 5, The Scarlet Keep Palindrome and Plug ONE.1
April 12 The Arms Dealer Duty Bound
April 19 The Glassway Silicon Neuroma (Adept)
April 26 The Glassway *
May 3, Fallen S.A.B.E.R. *
May 10, 2010 Birthplace of the Vile *
May 17 The Scarlet Keep *

“*” = will be updated at reset day

This Week’s Rewards

Bungie confirmed that the rotation will include 10 weapons. The best part is when you have completed the rotation, which rewards those who are skilled in weapons.

PvP Palindrome Hand Cannon, Adept is the most desired. It drops at GM nightfalls. This is a great reason to celebrate PvP enthusiasts. Adept weapons have better stats and are also more accessible to Adept Mods.

Tips to Completion

It is not difficult to complete Grand Master Nightfalls successfully. It takes the right team, builds and synergy. You must have the right weapons to defeat champions and overlords. Match game modifiers require you to have void, solar and Arc weapons in order to destroy enemy shields.

You will only get one shot at many enemies in GM Nightfalls so it is important to take cover.

Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfalls: Loadout Recommendations

We are currently working on a guideline for the GM Nightfalls. Here are the top weapons you can use.

Primary Weapons

  • Long range weapons that are capable of taking down enemies at a distance. To take care of champions, it would be best to bring a Scout or a Bow. Scouts are your only anti-barrier weapon in this Season.
  • There are many great bows available, but my favorite is Ticu’s Divination. Trinity Ghoul and the new bow are available for purchase this Season.
  • A member of your team should also purchase a Pulse Rifle in order to stun Unstoppable Champions. There are many great weapons available, including Syncopation-53, Piece of Mind, and Cold Denial.

Special Weapons

  • We recommend that you damage deal with weapons such as Grenade Launchers or Fusion Rifles. A grenade launcher with the Blinding Grenades perk can be used during combat. For a few seconds, the blinding effect will blind enemies.
  • Eriana’s Vow, an intrinsic perk for Barrier Champions, is another great option. This is a great option for Season of the Risen.
  • A Sniper equipped with Firing-Line is a viable option. However, you run the risk of being wiped out if you all stick together.

Heavy Weapons

  • One Thousand Voices
  • Rocket Launcher Gjallarhorn
  • Linear Fusion Rifles Like Reed’s Regret.
  • You can also use swords, but this should not be your only option. Enemies could get one shot at you. A guardian can make their decisions.


Does grandmaster nightfall have matchmaking?

There is no matchmaking in GM Nightfall.

What’s the Grand Master Nightfall Time Limit?

There is a time limit of 45 minutes in GM Nightfalls. You can’t revive your teammates after the timer expires. Once the timer is over, you will not be able to restart them and they will be returned to Orbit.

This is it for Grandmaster Nightfall this Week. I’m excited to finally get my hands on the Palindrome Hand Cannon. Are you?

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