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(Fixed) COD Black Ops Cold War – Compiling Shaders Bug

You may have seen the message Compiling shaders during gameplay to optimize performance”while playing CoD Black Ops Cold War. This bug isn’t new. It is present in every COD game. Modern Warfare also had this bug, and it drove many people insane because it took so long to fix.

AAA titles are not without problems. Developers can’t test their games on large numbers of machines, so these issues are not new. Developers can’t test all configurations because every computer is different. Developers take reports and push patches over the next few days. It will take some time for the developers to fix the problems since the game is just released.

This article will discuss how to fix this problem so you don’t have to come across it again.

COD Black Ops Cold War – Stuck on Compiling Shaders Bug

Note: The issue could arise from multiple factors. One could be that your computer is not providing enough resources for the game, or another could be that your computer does not have enough resources. Make sure that you have disabled memory/CPU-hogging programs (chrome, for instance) before trying the solution.

How to Fix the Compiling Shaders Problem

  • Call of Duty Black Ops
  • Go to Settings > Graphics
  • Scroll to the end
  • Click on “Restart Shaders Comilation”
  • Wait for the process complete before you can restart your game.

If you still have issues, simply start a multiplayer gaming session, quit and return to the main menu. The optimizing shader process will be resumed.

It is expected that the Compiling Shaders to Optimize Performance During Gaming takes a while. It happens over and over again, which is the weird part. I hope you found the solution you were looking for. If not, I recommend waiting for the developer to resolve the issue.

If you are unable to find the solution, you may need to verify the game files or reinstall the game.

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