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What is Scam or Legit Book Store?

Warning! Warning! is not recommended. You did the right thing by looking for reviews prior to purchasing books from this site.

We recommend that you exercise caution when purchasing eBook Class books and other items. You can read our review to find out why. Let’s get started with our eBookClass review.

The following are reasons why we have doubts about

# provided the company name (Gergana Enterprises Limited 20 Gialtas Agios Nikolaos PC3100, Limassol Cyprus) on its website. This is the same address that many suspicious websites use such as Ggogoe and Raypare, OtotStore and eBookBros. Legitimate websites will always list a different company name and address than the one used by many suspicious sites.

# Links to other sites are something that legitimate sites will list on their websites. eBookClass has not provided any information regarding its links with other sites whose addresses it uses. It is evident that eBookClass was operated and managed by the same person, who refuses to disclose the names of the multiple websites he/she owns. This alarm bell rings loudly.

# has hidden the name of the owner and the detailed address of the company within WHOIS. This proves that the eBook Class owner doesn’t want anyone to know his/her true identity, which is clearly not a good sign.

# While eBookClass offers the ability to pay with a credit card, it doesn’t provide the necessary security measures to protect credit card information. Your credit card information could be stolen if you shop on this website.

# Many scam websites are matched by the many details found in WHOIS at

Numerous online shops claim to offer huge discounts on a variety of items, but many are frauds. It’s best to avoid new online shops or to do your research before buying anything from them. Most of these online stores won’t ship the items purchased to clients, or deliver very different items or are scams.

# These online shops may even charge clients their credit cards randomly, without their consent. If you’ve ever been charged incorrectly by an online store, you should immediately notify your bank or credit union to protect your credit card details.

You should now be clear about why may be a fraud. In this case, we recommend that you do not purchase any eBookClass products.

Our eBook Class review here reveals that appears to be a suspicious site. If you want to write a review or add to the eBookClass discussion, please leave a comment below.

Please feel free to share the review on your social media accounts with your family and friends to let them know about this company.

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