Does Simplisafe Work With Apple Homekit – A Comprehensive & Detailed Guide

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Hey everyone! So, here’s the thing: not too long ago, my neighborhood experienced a bit of a scare because of a burglary. It shook us all up, and it got me thinking – I really should have a home security system in place. I mean, better safe than sorry, right?

I spent a good amount of time – we’re talking hours here – diving deep into the world of home security systems. I wanted to know which one was the best, which one would give me peace of mind. And after all that research, I landed on SimpliSafe. It seemed like everyone was talking about it, and all signs pointed to it being a fantastic option.

But there was this one little hiccup. SimpliSafe and Homekit weren’t exactly best buddies – they didn’t work together directly. And that was a bit of a downer for me because I really wanted everything to be interconnected.

Now, I know what you might be thinking. There’s been a lot of talk about SimpliSafe becoming compatible with Matter, which would mean it could work seamlessly with Homekit, Google Home, and Alexa. And that’s cool and all, but we’ve been hearing these promises for about four years now. And I’m all about action – I didn’t want to just sit around and wait.

So, I rolled up my sleeves and started looking into other options. I found out that there were third-party solutions that could bridge the gap between SimpliSafe and Homekit. And you know what? I decided to give them a shot.

Fast forward to over a year later, and I’m happy to report that my security system and Homekit are working together like a dream. It’s as if they were made to be compatible right from the start. And today, I’m here to share my journey and experience with you all, so let’s dive in and get started!

Use Homebridge To Add SimpliSafe To Your Homekit System

So, you’ve got your SimpliSafe system, and you’re ready to get it talking to Homekit, right? Well, you’re in luck because there’s this super cool tool called Homebridge that’s going to help us do just that!

Homebridge is like this magical bridge that connects devices that usually wouldn’t be able to talk to each other. It’s our secret weapon to make SimpliSafe and Homekit become best friends. And guess what? With Homebridge, you’re going to unlock all the cool features of SimpliSafe, just as if it was made to work with Homekit from the start.

When we talk about using Homebridge, there are two paths you can take:

  1. Setting Up a Server on Your Laptop: Now, I’m going to be honest with you. I’m not the biggest fan of this option. Why? Well, it involves quite a bit of coding, and let’s be real, that can be a bit intimidating. Plus, you’d have to keep your laptop on 24/7, or else, poof! There goes your connection.
  2. HOOBS to the Rescue: This is the option I’m totally vibing with. HOOBS stands for Homebridge Out Of the Box, and it’s exactly what it sounds like – easy and ready to go. No coding, no need to keep your laptop awake all night. And the cherry on top? It comes packed with a bunch of plugins that let you connect even more devices to Homekit, even if they’re not normally compatible.

I Chose HOOBS, and Here’s Why You Should Too!

So, you’re probably guessing by now – I went for HOOBS, and man, I haven’t looked back since. It’s like the easy button for connecting SimpliSafe to Homekit. And now, I’m going to walk you through how you can do it too! Ready? Let’s jump in and get your home security system hooked up and running smoothly with Homekit!

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It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get our hands a little techy! Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through every step of the way, and before you know it, you’ll have your SimpliSafe system chatting away with Homekit. Let’s get that HOOBS set up, shall we?

Step 1: Power Up Your HOOBS Device

Grab your HOOBS device and plug it in. Give it a little time to wake up and get ready for action – just a few minutes should do the trick.

Step 2: Connecting to the Internet

Next up, we’ve got to get your HOOBS device talking to the internet. You’ve got two options here:

  1. Use the provided ethernet cable to plug it directly into your router.
  2. Connect it to your Wi-Fi network for a wireless setup.

From my own experience, I’ve found that the ethernet cable method is a bit more reliable. But hey, you do you!

Step 3: Dive into Your HOOBS Account

Now, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty. Fire up your web browser and type in “https://hoobs.local” – this is going to take you straight to the HOOBS interface. When it asks for your username and password, just type in “admin” for both. Don’t worry, you can change these later to make sure everything is nice and secure.

Step 4: Scan and Go!

Once you’re all logged in, you’ll see a QR code pop up on the screen. Grab your phone and scan it – this is like the golden ticket that’s going to launch the service and make everything come together. Plus, it’s super handy for later on if you ever want to tweak the settings or change things up with your plugins.

And there you have it! You’re now officially in the HOOBS club. Your SimpliSafe system is one step closer to being BFFs with Homekit, and you’re about to have a smart home that’s as cool as it gets.

Install And Configure The Plugin

It’s time to take the next step and get your SimpliSafe Plugin all set up and ready to rock.

1. Installing the SimpliSafe Plugin: First things first, let’s get the SimpliSafe Plugin installed. Head over to the left side of your screen and click on the ‘Plugins’ tab in your HOOBS interface. Got it? Great! Click on that, and let’s get started with the installation.

Now, this part might take a couple of minutes, so don’t worry if it seems like it’s taking a bit. It’s totally normal!

2. Setting Things Up: Once the installation is done, it’s time to make it all work together. On the Plugins page, you’ll see a button that says ‘Configure’ right under the SimpliSafe plugin. Go ahead and click that.

Here’s where it gets a bit technical, but stay with me! You’re going to add a bit of code to the console. Here’s what you need to type in:

"platform": "homebridge-simplisafe3.SimpliSafe 3",
"name": "Home Alarm",
"auth": {
"username": "YOUR_USERNAME",
"password": "YOUR_PASSWORD"

Important: Make sure you replace “YOUR_USERNAME” and “YOUR_PASSWORD” with your actual SimpliSafe username and password.

3. Restart and Ready to Go! Alright, you’re doing awesome! Now, let’s restart the HOOBS device. Once it’s back up and running, you should be logged into your SimpliSafe account. Woohoo!

Next, let’s check out your devices. Head on over to the devices page, and there you should see all your SimpliSafe devices laid out in front of you. You can add them to HomeKit just like you would with any other HomeKit-enabled device. Easy peasy!

And that’s it! You’ve done it! Great job on getting everything set up and ready to go.

Step 2: Creating Your HOOBS Account

Next on our list is creating an account with HOOBS. So, here’s what you need to do:

If you are using a Mac, go to https://hoobs.local, and if you’re on Windows, your destination is https://hoobs. Once you’re there, you’re going to pick out your username and password. This is like creating a secret handshake for your account – it’s what keeps it safe and secure, so make sure you choose something you’ll remember!

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Step 3: Installing the SimpliSafe Plugin for HOOBS

Now that you’re all set with your account, it’s time to install the SimpliSafe plugin. This is a crucial step because it’s how your system knows that you want to use SimpliSafe’s cool features.

Step 4: Adding Your Sensors to HomeKit

We’re making great progress! Next, let’s get all your sensors talking to HomeKit. To do this, you’ll need to dive into the [config.json] file in HOOBS. Inside, you’ll find something called a [platforms] array. Don’t worry, it sounds more complicated than it is!

Here’s what you need to add to that array:

"platform": "homebridge-simplisafe3.SimpliSafe 3",
"name": "Home Alarm",
"auth": {
"username": "YOUR_USERNAME",
"password": "YOUR_PASSWORD"

Quick tip: Don’t forget to switch out “YOUR_USERNAME” and “YOUR_PASSWORD” with your actual SimpliSafe username and password.

And just like that, all your sensors should pop up in HomeKit, ready to go. You’ve now got all your home security gadgets linked up and communicating with each other. Great job!

So, take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back – you’ve earned it! You’ve successfully navigated through these steps and got everything set up and ready to roll. Enjoy the peace of mind your newly configured system brings!

What Can You Do With SimpliSafe-HomeKit Integration?

Have you ever imagined being able to control almost every security device in your home with just a few taps on your phone? Well, with SimpliSafe-HomeKit integration, this becomes a reality! Let’s dive into what this powerful combination can do for you.

When you bring SimpliSafe into your smart home through HomeKit, you open up a world of possibilities. You can control and monitor a wide array of devices right from your phone or any other Apple device.

This includes tweaking settings for your alarm, checking who’s at the door through your doorbell camera, making sure everything is okay with your smoke detector, and even locking or unlocking your doors with your smart lock. Plus, there’s even more! Some SimpliSafe devices also have features like tamper and fault detection, as well as the ability to read temperatures.

SimpliSafe Alarm With HomeKit: Enhanced Security and Convenience

When you link SimpliSafe’s alarm system with HomeKit, you’re not just getting an alarm; you’re getting a smart, responsive security assistant.

  • Easy Control: Activating or deactivating your alarm becomes as simple as a tap on your phone.
  • Smart Modes for Every Situation:
    • Away Mode: Heading out? Switch to Away Mode to activate motion sensors at entry points and inside your home.
    • Home Mode: Staying in? Choose Home Mode. This way, your entry points are secured, but you can move freely inside without worrying about triggering the alarm.
    • Off Mode: Time to relax? Off Mode turns off all sensors, except for your smoke alarm and panic button, ensuring you’re still protected in case of an emergency.

So, by integrating SimpliSafe with HomeKit, you’re not just making your home smarter; you’re making it safer and more convenient to manage. You have the power of enhanced security and flexibility right at your fingertips.

SimpliCam With HomeKit: Standalone Unit with Advanced Features

Stepping into the world of smart security, the SimpliCam is a standalone device that’s loaded with advanced features, bringing an extra layer of security to your home.

  • Stay Alert: With motion detection alerts, you’ll always know what’s happening at home. Any movement? You’ll get an alert.
  • Privacy First: The privacy shutter ensures that you have control over when the camera is active.
  • Cloud Video Storage and More: Fancy reviewing footage later? Cloud video storage is an option. Plus, there’s an outdoor case for durability.
  • No Extra Costs for Interactive Plan Users: If you’re already enjoying SimpliSafe’s Interactive monitoring plan, good news! You won’t need to pay extra for cloud storage subscriptions.

Pet-Friendly Settings for SimpliSafe Alarm

Love your furry friends but also want to keep your home secure? SimpliSafe has got you covered!

  • Customize for Your Pets: With pet-friendly settings, you can tweak the alarm system to suit your pets’ needs.
  • Sensors That Understand Pets: Adjust the sensitivity of the sensors, and set them at a height of around five feet to avoid those little false alarms triggered by your pets’ antics.
  • Peace of Mind for Pet Owners: SimpliSafe gets it – pets are family. They’ve made sure that generally, pets weighing up to 50 pounds won’t set off the alarm.
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With these settings, you can rest easy knowing your home is secure and your pets are free to be themselves.

Wrapping It All Up: SimpliSafe and HomeKit – A Match Made in Smart Home Heaven

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of our journey through the incredible world of SimpliSafe and HomeKit integration! 🎉

Let’s take a moment to recap all the amazing things we’ve covered:

🔒 Enhanced Security: We’ve seen how combining SimpliSafe with HomeKit transforms your home security. From controlling your alarm settings with a simple tap to enjoying different modes tailored to your needs, it’s all about making your life easier and safer.

📹 Smart Camera Control: The SimpliCam isn’t just any camera – it’s a smart, standalone unit with cool features like motion detection, privacy shutters, and cloud video storage options. And if you’re on the Interactive monitoring plan with SimpliSafe, you get even more perks without extra costs.

🐾 Pet-Friendly Features: And let’s not forget our furry friends! SimpliSafe ensures that even with pets in the house, your security system is smart enough to know when there’s a real threat and when it’s just your pet having a bit of fun.

💡 Take Control of Your Home Security: Integrating SimpliSafe with HomeKit means bringing your home security into the 21st century, giving you unparalleled control, convenience, and peace of mind.

So, there you have it. Whether you’re a tech guru or just starting out on your smart home journey, integrating SimpliSafe with HomeKit is a smart move toward a safer, more convenient home.

Thank you for sticking around, and here’s to making your home smarter and safer than ever before! Cheers to smart living! 🏡✨

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Simplisafe work with Homekit?

Yes, Simplisafe is compatible with Homekit. You can easily connect the Simplisafe security system to your Homekit-enabled devices for seamless integration.

2. How do I set up Simplisafe with Homekit?

To set up Simplisafe with Homekit, first, make sure your Simplisafe system is online and updated with the latest firmware. Then, open the Home app on your iOS device, tap the "+" icon, and follow the instructions to add a new accessory. Select Simplisafe from the list of compatible devices and enter your Simplisafe account credentials to complete the setup.

3. What can I control using Homekit with Simplisafe?

With Homekit integration, you can control various aspects of your Simplisafe security system. You can arm or disarm your system, receive notifications, check the status of sensors, and even include Simplisafe actions in your Homekit automations.

4. What devices are compatible with Simplisafe and Homekit?

Simplisafe works with a wide range of Apple Homekit-enabled devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. Additionally, you can control Simplisafe through Siri voice commands using your Apple HomePod, Apple TV, or other compatible devices.

5. Is a separate Homekit hub required for Simplisafe integration?

No, Simplisafe does not require a separate Homekit hub for integration. As long as you have a Homekit-enabled device like an iPhone or iPad, you can directly connect Simplisafe to Homekit without any additional hardware.

6. Can I use Simplisafe's own app alongside Homekit integration?

Yes, you can continue to use the Simplisafe app even after integrating it with Homekit. The Simplisafe app offers extended features and functionality specific to the Simplisafe system, while Homekit provides an interface to control multiple smart home devices in one place.

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