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Destiny 2 – How To Get Garden of Salvation Loot without Doing The Raid

Raids are not something everyone enjoys in this game. The new raid could take about an hour to complete, if you don’t fail too many times. Many YouTubers have already uploaded guides, but it is clear that this raid is the most difficult. It’s a lot of work to coordinate with five others and stay together for over an hour.

You can also get raid exclusive chests for free, similar to the Last Wish. To get two weekly chests for free, you can use last wish’s Well of Wishes. For this raid, however, we will be using a long jump to glitch to the chestspawn areas. You can also go to the end of raid. All this will give you two chests containing the new Garden of Salvation loot.

How to Get a Free Garden of Salvation Loot

You will need

  • Hunter or Warlock
  • Grenade Launcher equipped with Sticky Grenades (To continue jumping)

Then load the Garden of Salvation Raid and head to the moon.

Watch this video tutorial after landing there. Writing this text in the text may make it difficult to understand. Bakengangsta created a video showing all jumps and locations.

Video Tutorial

This chest is the first, and it doesn’t contain the good stuff.

Second chest

Garden of Salvation Loot

This chest contains all new raid loot exclusive loot including the armor. This chest will not drop any powerful gear. You will need to raid for powerful gear.

  • Hand Cannon – Ancient Gospel
  • Sacred Provenance – Pulse Rifle
  • Auto Rifle – Reckless Oracle
  • Accrued Redemption – Combat Bow
  • Shotgun – Prophet of Doom
  • Zealot’s Reward: Fusion Rifle
  • Omniscient Eye – Sniper rifle
  • Hunter Armor Set
  • Titan Armor Set
  • Warlock Armor Set

The Sacred Provenance pulse gun is a popular choice because it can melt enemies in the crucible, and offers a wide range. People who play passive games are more likely to experience the meta shift, and this pulse rifle is a great support for that style.

Let us know if you found this guide helpful.

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