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Destiny 2: Eververse Weekly Inventory April 26, 2022

Eververse is a Special Vendor which provides cosmetic items to guardians. These cosmetic items do not add any value to your game except for how you look. There are three methods to get eververse items: Engrams and Bright Dust.

These things changed with the reset: Ascendant Location, Trove Guardian.

  • Bright dust: Ingame currency you can earn by completing bounties offered by different vendors. You can no longer earn bright dust by dismantling eververse objects with the Shadowkeep update. Bright Dust can be used to purchase items from the weekly rotating inventory.
  • Engrams Each season has a unique engram. Bungie has ended their engram focus. You can only get them by ranking up your Season Pass. You could have them earlier if you were to rank up.
  • Silver isCurrency, which can be bought with real-money. This can be purchased directly by going to Eververse.

After the reset, we will update the images.

Eververse Inventory This Week

Every Weekly Reset, which occurs on Tuesdays at 10:00 PST, changes the Inventory.

Eververse Bright Dust Offerings

Eververse Controversy Recent Seasons

Eververse is definitely a controversial vendor. Dataminers discovered that Eververse does not sell everything. Only a few items will be available for Bright Dust. All other cosmetics will only be available for Silver. This means that you will need to spend real money in order to purchase any other cosmetics.

Bungie developers stated that they are investigating this issue and will be making adjustments based on feedback from players. This has been a problem since Destiny 1 but the developers have not yet figured out what players want.

Destiny 2 has seen Eververse make a comeback with new microtransactions, cosmetics, and other items. These items can be purchased with Bright Dust, which is the currency that you use to purchase them. You can either dismantle unwanted cosmetics or Tess Everis gives you a small amount per day for logging into.

Eververse offers many items, including shaders and emotes as well as Sparrows and Ghost shells. These items can be purchased for as little as a few hundred bright powder to several thousand.

Some are upset about Eververse’s addition because it removes the game’s loot systems. Some people don’t mind it so long as it doesn’t impact their gameplay. No matter how you feel about Eververse, it is here to stay.

Did Eververse’s Inventory please you this week? Leave a comment below to let us know.

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