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Destiny 2: A Brilliant Smile Triumph, How To Brush Your Teeth

For the Festival of the Lost, there are many triumphs you can collect. One of them is A Brilliant smile. To progress, you will have to brush your teeth. Although it may seem obvious, it is not. Brushes are not yet available.

Let’s learn how to achieve this victory and increase our triumph score.

A Brilliant Smile Triumph

Step 1 – In order to complete this triumph, you have to complete a quest. When you complete your first run of the Haunted Forest, visit Eris Morn, she will give you a small box of raisins. The Description is “Aficionados of Eath culture lurking on the Tangled Shore might get a kick out of it”, this means you have to visit Spider on the Tangled Shore.

Spider will be pleased to visit you once you have reached the tangled shore. Spider will then award you the Even handed quest. You will need to take down 12 Fallen and Scorn as well as Hive, Hive, Cabal, and Cabal. Once you have completed this quest, you will receive Winged Chew.

Step 2 – Take the Winged Chew given to Ana Bray, she’s located on Mars. Now she will also give you a quest, this quest requires you to take down 10 enemies, with Kinetic, Energy and Power weapon each.

Ana’s Quest is over. She will give you Unchocolate if you return to her.

Step 3 – Head to Asher Mir on IO and give him the Unchocolate. Now, Asher Mir will give you a task to take down 10 Taken and Vex enemies with precision blows on IO. Upon completion, head back to him and collect the “Celery” Reward.

Step 4 Now, give this Celery to Brother Vance on Mercury. Brother Vance will ask for you to complete 10 Arc, Solar, and Void kills. After completion, you will be rewarded with Splice Drops.

Step 5 Take Splice drops to Failsafe on Nessus. You will need to achieve 5 ability kills against Vex, Fallen, and Cabal on Nessus. You will receive Salted Sweets after completing the task.

Step 6 – Take Salted Sweets from Devrim Kay to Trostland (EDZ). You will need to complete five rounds against Cabal, Fallen and Taken. You will receive the Sour Engram after you have completed this task.

Step 7 Deliver the Sour Engram from Devrim, to Petra Venj at the Dreaming City. You can use the map to find her exact location. Her location is constantly changing. After you have given her the Sourengram, she will request that you get 10 Super Kills as well as 5 Grenade Kills or 5 Melee Kills. After you have completed the task, return to her to receive your “Sugar Engram”.

Step 8 Head to Titan and get the Sugar Engram for Sloane. You will be given a quest by her, which is to kill in the Arboretum Festering Halls, Solarium, and Solarium. It’s easy. Just eliminate all enemies until the bar reaches 100 percent. After completing the task, return to Sloane to collect Void Fizz.

Step 9 Return to the beginning. Eris Mornon Moon will give you the “Void Fizz”. Eris will ask for you to dance, and you’ll be rewarded with a Goody bag, as well as a Toothbrush. Open your inventory and locate the Toothbrush. Hold F and the toothbrush will be used.

This completes the ” A Brilliant smile” Triumph.

The quest involves giving gifts to various vendors in the system.

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