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Dares of Eternity Legend Rotation This Week – April 26, 2022

Bungie’s 30th anniversary celebrations added Dares of Eternity to the game. Dares requires six players to complete the activity. Xur, the NPC that handles Dares of Eternity stuff, is responsible.

It is simple: you need to spawn and spin the Wheel of Adversity. This wheel determines which faction you will fight. After that, you will need to defeat enemies and learn basic mechanics. You’ll receive sweet loot once you’re done. This loot is multiplied if you do heroic activity. You will receive 1x chest for normal completion, and 4x chests if you complete Heroic.

How To Access Dares of Eternity?

Xur has a permanent spot in the Destiny World. He is also the vendor of all the supplies for the activity, as mentioned previously. Go to Destinations to find “Eternity”, which is located next to the Tower. Below is a screenshot:

After you click on the planet, you will be presented with:

  • Grasp for Avarice The Dungeon was introduced in the 30th anniversary update.
  • Dares of Eternity – This is how to start the activity. Scoring 250,000 awards pinnacle gear.
  • Xur’s Treasure Hoard – This is where you will find Xur, his Starhorse and more. Both of them will give you bounties as well as rewards.

Tip Collect maximum bounties from Xur to earn reputation points. These points can be used to reward you with seasonal rewards and free engrams. Only one Starhorse bounty can be carried, so make sure you choose wisely. Paraversal Haul, XP and Paraversal Haul will be awarded for completing Starhorse bounty.

Legend Rotation & Loot Pool

Last Updated: April 19th

  • Round 1: Hive
  • Round 2: Vex
  • Final Round Talus Ta’aurc, (Cabal).
  • Legend Rewards: Enhancement Prisms (Uncommon)

Modifiers – Equipment Locked. Match Game. Champion Foes. Arc Singe. Melee Health Increase. Shielded foes.

To find out more about rewards and loot history, please refer to the following document. This sheet is maintained and thanks to Fillinek.

Loot to watch out for:

  • Dire Promise Hand Cannon
  • Our Dust Grenade Launcher (through the chest) is for your pardon
  • Seraph Shotgun

Dares of Eternity is one of those activities which doesn’t require you to do a lot. Just run around taking down hoards of enemies for loot. This makes me remember the vaulted activity called Menagerie.

It is still not something I have mastered. Keep taking down enemies and the activity will randomly get triggered. Once I learn more, I’ll update this post.

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