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AT&T Scam Alert

Beware of Phishing SMS Text Messages such as:

  • “AT&T: YourName! You were 3rd in Connecticut AT&T Contest Claim your bounty at q7fmv information/KqTzD2wBDb or present this code to AT&T store 1z52219
  • “AT&T : mate! You placed 2nd in the Connecticut AT&T Rewards! Claim your iPhone12 here (website link), or show this code ixn an AT&T store.
  • “AT&T free Msg: [YourName] You placed 2nd in the Connecticut AT&T SWEEPSTAKES Claim your bounty by clicking the link below, or showing this code at an AT&T store.
  • “YourName! Congratulations! You placed 1st in the Connecticut AT&T Contest This code can be shown at AT&T 1z59999

These scam messages could be similar to yours. You can report similar scam messages to us in the comments section. You can also comment below without providing your email address if you are concerned about your privacy.

Is there a motive for fraud messages? The truth behind the fake message – AT&T: You were 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in Connecticut AT&T Contest Rewards or Sweepstakes. You can claim your bounty here (website link), and you can also show this code at an AT&T store.

These fraudulent messages are not sent by legitimate companies. They are scammers trying to steal your personal information. They might ask you to click a link and provide your personal information on a fake website. Or they may call you or reply to you. You should not click on any link, download anything or follow any instructions. These messages could also contain spyware, viruses, or malware that can hack into your device.

If you are unsure about whether the messages you have received are genuine or not, it is best to contact the company or visit their official website (in this instance, AT&T).

These cybercriminals can get your personal data and make money selling it. They can even steal your credit card information if they have your credit card details. These messages contain instructions that you shouldn’t follow.

These messages might not be sent from the same phone number, same email address or the same company. To send similar messages, scammers might use multiple email addresses and phone numbers. Here are some examples of scam messages:

  • We Are Trying To Deliver Your Package UPS016448296GB Scam
  • Beware of Verizon’s Technology Enabling Movement Scam SMS Messages
  • Scam Message: There is a parcel (HAR-V572-NOR), which is waiting to be collected at, etc.

Help us report similar messages using the comment section below. Even without entering your email address, you can comment below.

These types of fraudulent messages are now obvious. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. To report on similar scams, or any other type of scams, you can also leave a comment below. We are here to raise awareness about scams. Let’s get together and do it! Let’s stop scammers from ripping off innocent people.

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You can share this post via your social media accounts with your family and friends to alert them to these types of scam messages.

Best of luck!

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