Best Screen Protectors for Apple Watch Series 5

No Captain America is going to lend his shield to protect your Apple Watch. Neither are Iron Man and Jarvis coming to your aid and repair that deadly scratch on your watch. Be your own superhero and protect your Apple Watch from every harm coming its way. Put a protective layer of shield on your watch and thank me later on. In this line-up of accessories for Apple Watch, explore the best screen protectors available for Apple Watch Series 5.

Armament your 40mm and 44mm series 5 Apple Watch with a screen protector to save it from haunting scratches and the probable screen shatters. I love using my Apple Watch and enjoy its functionality at the fullest but the fear of scaring my watch always used to keep on toes, thankfully after many trials and errors, I finally found a perfect screen guard that suited my preferences. Browse through this list and find the one that matches your parameters the best.

Best Apple Watch Series 5 Screen Protectors

#1. LK

The LK film provides edge-to-edge protection to your watch. This guard is made from a flexible material that is anti-scratch and yellow-resistant, that comes with a hydrophobic as well as oleophobic screen coating, to repel water.

I know how much of a hassle it is to apply these films, you always have to be very careful that there are no bubbles left, but thankfully the LK’s installation is easy and bubble-free. You are also not compromising on the touch sensitivity of your watch as the film is only 0.1 mm thin.

USP: Life Time Warranty
Check out on Amazon – 44mm Check out on Amazon – 40mm

#2. ArmorSuit

Armor up your watch with this protective film. The armor suit film is ultra HD which will give you great clarity of the always-on retina display of your watch. The screen protector has a precise laser cut military shield that is will perfectly adjust to your 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch.

This clear and amazingly thin skin sits perfectly well on all the contours of your Apple Watch offering full coverage on all the curved corners. This guard comes in a set of 6 films and each of the films has 6 layers of safety to ensure military-grade protection to your watch.

USP: 6 Layer Protection
Check out on Amazon – 44mm Check out on Amazon – 40mm

#3. Delta Shield

Backed by a hassle-free lifetime replacement warranty, the Delta Shield screen guard for Apple Watch 5 comes with a very quick and easy installation kit. It also comes with an installation squeegee that will warrant that no bubbles are left on the surface of your apple watch.

The best quality of this film is that it has a ‘self-healing’ technology that will magically disappear all the scratches and scruffs over time making your watch look as new as ever. It also comes with a 99.9% ultra-clear HD military-grade film that is UV-resistant and prevents yellowing as well as finger-prints.

USP: Self-Healing Technology
Check out on Amazon – 44mm Check out on Amazon – 40mm

#4. MP-Mall

This Apple Watch screen protector is made of a flexible film that offers clarity without bubbles & rainbow reflection. What I like about this screen guard is that it can be washed, reused and reapplied, I mean WOW. The wet installation allows you to make adjustments during the application process and leaves the film perfectly contoured to your watch.

I do admit that the installation process of this screen shield is slightly longer than the rest but it is worth all the efforts and time. The film sits so perfectly on the screen that you barely even notice if it is there on not. This guard has a ‘true-touch’ quality that will keep the bright & colorful image quality of the watch intact.

USP: Wet Installation
Check out on Amazon – 44mm Check out on Amazon – 40mm

#5. Rino Gear

This multi-application screen protecting film for your Apple Watch 5 is an end to your Oh My Scratch worries for your watch. The Rino Gear comes with an anti-scratch and impact protection promise that is backed with a life-time replacement film voucher warranty.

This screen shield is made with unique flexible “smart skin” film material that can cover all the curves on your apple watch seamlessly. It is also crystal clear that is invisible and has high-definition clarity along with glass-like surface and “Touch Accurate” feel that allows 100% touchscreen functionality.

USP: Multi-Application
Check out on Amazon – 44mm Check out on Amazon – 40mm

#6. Ingle

Protect the smartest watch in the world with a smart shield that you can barely feel and make out and yet it can optimally protect your watch. This Apple Watch 5 screen protector is specifically designed using precise laser cutting technology to offer maximum coverage.

The film is made from flexible material to allow contouring around the curved surfaces and edges of the device, also it will avoid bubbles and rainbow effect from the screen, giving you complete clarity and high-color definition of your watch without losing out on the touch sensitivity.

USP: Ultra-Thin
Check out on Amazon – 44mm Check out on Amazon – 40mm

#7. Kinpei

What is it that you look for in a screen protector for your Apple Watch? Clarity, curve contouring, scratch resistance? But what if I tell you that there is a shield out there that is also waterproof, along with with all these features support. You will have a good laugh at my expense isn’t it? But this transparent film truly is water-resistant.

While normal screen protectors might peel off if submerged in water for a longer period of time, this won’t. Made with high-quality TPU material this film is very easy to install is supremely durable. You get a total of 6 ultra-durable films in this packaging that are sure to last you for a really long time.

USP: Waterproof
Check out on Amazon – 44mm Check out on Amazon – 40mm

#8. Skinomi

The Skinomi Apple Watch 5 screen protector is an optically transparent, virtually invisible, and HD clear screen guard with smooth glass-like surface and “True Touch” feel. It is a great alternative to a typical “static cling” PET protector which sometimes might not be as capable in protecting your screen.

It is made of self-healing, flexible, tough, military-grade thermoplastic urethane that is designed to absorb the greatest impact. The TechSkin is resistant against scratches, punctures, UV light and will not yellow over time with regular usage. This film significantly reduces dust, oil and fingerprint smudges to avoid hindered view of your watch screen.

USP: Ultra-HD Clarity
Check out on Amazon – 44mm Check out on Amazon – 40mm

Signing Off… 

Don’t let the scratches and bumps get the best out of your newly acquired Apple Watch 5. Secure that always-on retina display with a protective layer of screen protector and you thank me later on for suggesting you such amazing and top-notch screen protectors for your Apple Watch Series 5.

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