Best iPhone XR Cases with a Card Holder

Apple has released its credit card, which was first announced during its March event in 2019. Since the event, every Apple fan was excited to know about the credit card comes with a titanium body. Although you can clean your card and keep it safe easily, a card holder case provides better protection to your Apple Card. For this very reason, people look for the best iPhone XR cases with a Card Holder.

Given its competitive prices, iPhone XR became more popular. The device not only helped Apple to increase sales in the US, but it also topped Q2 2019 sales charts there. If you are the proud owner of iPhone XR, you can think of buying the best Card case wallets for your smartphone.

10 Best Card Holder Wallet Cases for iPhone XR

#1. Smartish

Smartish has come up with a smart design in its Card holder case for iPhone. Touted as wallet slayer, this case can store three cards and some cash. You can charge your iPhone wirelessly as this Nikola Tesla approved case is wireless charging compatible.

To prevent frequent drops, Smartish has made a case with high-grip textured sides. You can hold your iPhone casually wherever you go. Protective air pocket corners work like airbags for your iPhone. This feature minimizes the damage when you accidentally drop your device.


Fogeek has achieved a rare feat in this transparent case for iPhone. None other case maker has manufactured a Card holder case from a transparent soft material. Fogeek has done it effortlessly, with its unique signature. With 0.2mm raised edges and 0.3mm elevated back cover, this case protects your iPhone’s touchscreen and camera lens.

Unique particle technology of Fogeek gives this case a soft feel, which ensures rubbery grip and yet provides a smooth touch. Moreover, anti-slip properties prevent accidental drops.


In your fast-paced life, you need fast and easy access to anything. When it is time to make payments, you should be able to take your Cards out immediately. SAMONPOW has designed this card case to enable you to push the slider easily and take your credit cards out quickly. In a single, gentle stroke of your finger, you can push the slider open.

For your device’s protection, SAMONPOW has used an advanced dual layer of hybrid PC and soft rubber, which resists impacts and shocks. You can store two cards in the slot. Precise cut-outs and design make this wallet case more attractive and adorable.

#4. Vena

Give your iPhone XR military-grade protection by encasing it in Vena’s card holder case. This case has gone through multiple drop tests so that you get the best one. For your convenience, Vena has left multi-angle magnetic locks at three levels; you can adjust your iPhone screen to any of the levels to watch videos/movies and read eBooks on your 6.1-inch device.

You can use a hidden card slot to carry three Credit/Debit Cards without feeling any weight. If you are using Apple Pay, you can keep your cards safe inside the case and make payments through Apple Pay.

#5. Incipio

Vertical back slider offers more comfort to open and close the compartment. Incipio has designed a secret rear compartment to store up to three cards in the slot. A strong compartment securely protects your Cards; you can use this case for a long time. To secure your iPhone from sudden falls, Incipio has used military-grade material, which effectively absorbs shocks.

The case is lightweight and thin, but its heavy-duty material gives excellent shock-absorption and impact resistance. It is a perfect blend of elegance, compact design, and soft-touch finish; all these three elements make this case a coveted piece.

#6. Oddss

While Fogeek crafted a case from transparent material, Oddss doesn’t want to lag behind in this race of creative excellence. To prove its mettle, Oddss has manufactured a Card holder case with a marble pattern. It is a visual treat for you and others to watch your iPhone wrapped in a white marble design.

This credit card case can store only one card; you can push another card in the slot but then you won’t be able to remove any card. With all its brilliance and strength, the case adds just 1.5mm thickness to your iPhone.


Suteni has crafted a leather wallet case for your iPhone. Combining PU leather and TPU, Suteni has manufactured a multi-functional card holder case, which protects your iPhone and stores credit cards as well. Flexible card slot can store up to three cards, which can be accessed easily.

This lightweight case easily slips in your pockets and holds your cash and ID cards when you need them. Since the case is precisely designed, you can easily access your iPhone camera and other controls, ports, and buttons.

#8. Dockem

Dockem is a popular brand that deals into iPhone and iPad accessories. This premium wallet case is made of fabric-like leather material, which provides an elegant and professional look. On the back, there are two card slots to carry your most important cards. You can store one card and a driver’s license or social ID.

Dockem has integrated a metal plate, which makes magnetic mounting a breeze. Make sure you have got an appropriate magnetic car and wall mount. The metal plate is placed on the top, so it doesn’t prevent you from charging your iPhone wirelessly.

#9. ZVEdeng

Carry six cards and eight currency notes with you. It is made possible by ZVEdeng’s card holder case for your iPhone. The back carbon fiber card has flexible elastic webbing for improved card capacity. Its soft TPU structure absorbs shocks and impacts from sudden drops or bumps. Note that the case won’t protect your iPhone if it is dropped from a higher place.

For complete screen and camera protection, ZVEdeng has raised bezels, which provide elevation to the screen. You can safeguard your device from bumps and hard hits.

#10. Spigen

Spigen is undoubtedly a leader when it comes to strong and functional iPhone accessories. This wallet case for iPhone XR provides your device absolute protection as Spigen has used dual layers and air cushion technology. The two layers include a shock-absorbing TPU interior and polycarbonate exterior.

This case is truly a wallet killer as its minimal design is slimmer than traditional wallets, and the case looks sleek in appearance. You can store two credit/debit cards beneath the slider.

Signing off…

Card holder cases are popular for two qualities: functionality and strength. A single case can carry out multiple tasks with finesse. For any businessman or professional, it is a great relief to leave behind their traditional, bulky wallets, which create discomfort during a commute. A credit card case is a right answer to all those inconvenient moments in life.

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