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Best Custom Reticle Color Settings to use in Apex Legends

Are you searching for the best Apex Legends reticle colors? We have the top reticle colors for Apex Legends.

Apex is without doubt one of the most popular games ever made. The game has not fallen from the top charts since its launch in 2019. Every player is unique and has their own play style. You can already find articles on best launch options and performance improvement. Check them out to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Although the default red reticle provides the best visibility on most maps, I feel that the custom settings I used have greatly improved my Wingman aim. The glowing outlines allow me to see clearly even in dimly lit areas. We will also discuss custom bindings, which allow me to alter the colors with a custom configuration file.

How To Change the Crosshair Color?

You have two options to change the color of your car:

  • Options for Origin or Steam Launch
  • In-Game Settings

In-Game Menu

  • Launch Apex Legends
  • Scroll down to “reticle” in the game settings.
  • Click on Customize

You will be able to select the colors you want from the new screen.

You can either use the sliders, or enter the RGB values into the boxes. You can also choose from four suggested colors. We have more options than these colors, so don’t be discouraged.

Launch Options in Origin and Steam

  • Origin: Go To My Game Library > Right Click on Apex Legends > Game Property > Advanced Launch Options
  • Steam: Go to your Library, locate Apex Legends, and right-click Properties. Under Launch Options

You now know how to change launch options. Here is the command to use.

+reticle_color "0 0 0"

Let’s now move to the next section, where we will discuss the best colors.

Best Custom Reticle Colors

Update: Apex developers have disabled Neon, Reticles with Hex Val outside the 0-255 range. We are now left with only basic options. The recommended panel can be used in-game in the reticle settings

  • Launch Apex Legends
  • Scroll down to “reticle” in the game settings.
  • Click on Customize

Below are the color names and values:

We don’t have neon or glowing colors anymore, so here are some examples that were used by a few Apex pros.

  • ShivFPS – White (25-25,25,25,25),
  • iitzTimmy – Red (255,0,0)

Below are old colours and images. You can also use the reticle.cfg method to create a file that allows you to change colors without having to go into settings.

#1: Light Blue and Dark Blue Glow

-255 255 800

#2 Glowing Green

-255 355 150

#3: Dark Purple and Glow

0 0 500

#4: White With Purplish Glow

255 255 1000

#5 Glowing Green

300 500 -255

#6 – Glowing Orange

600 300 0

Bonus Color: Neon Green

-255 255 1255

Change Reticle Colors without going into settings menu?

While you can easily change the colors by going to your game settings menu, it will take some time to test them all. Reddit user TorjeSpeedruns has a config that allows you to change colors without having to go to the settings menu.

Step 1: Add this command in your launch options

+exec reticles

Step 2 – Go to local files

  • Start Steam
  • Locate Apex Legends in the Library
  • Right click > Browse Local files
  • Create a new file named “reticles.cfg” in the cfg directory. Make sure that the extension is cfg

Step 3 – Edit the reticles.cfg

Copy the following code into the reticles.cfg folder

bind "F1" "exec reticles" bind "H" "reticle_color 1337 420 69" bind "J" "reticle_color -255 255 800" bind "K" "reticle_color 655 255 455" bind "F2" "reticle_color 0 0 0"

These are some of the custom reticles Reddit users have chosen. These reticles can be modified to suit your needs. The file will create a bind so that you can press F1 to execute the reticles files. To change the crosshair’s color, press each button one at a time.

If you have an existing autoexec and the exec file doesn’t work, you can check to see if it is there. If you do, copy the binds to your autoexec. This is only for PC users.

This was our article on picking the best reticle for Apex Legends. We hope it helped you out. Do check our Apex Legends category with more guides for the game. Also, comment below with one you are going to use!

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