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Back 4 Blood Lag Fix – Stuttering, FPS Drops

Steam can be used to download Back 4 Blood Lg Fix – Back 4 Blood. With Game Pass, the download size is 26.69GB. These issues will be discussed in the article.

The game’s similarities to Left 4 Dead are drawing criticisms on forums. Many Battle Royale games have similar themes. Warner Bros Games and Turtle Rock Studious backed the game.

NOTE: The game has been released. Many of the issues you are currently facing will be solved by the time the game is released. Rewarding pre-orders can be made with rewards.

Official Requirements to Be Announced

Your PC must meet the minimum or recommended requirements to run the game smoothly. If this is not the case, you will have to compromise on graphics quality and FPS.

When you experience performance problems, the rule of thumb is to reduce the game settings. We will begin with the best settings to support Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood Best in Game Settings

These settings will give you the best performance. It can be adjusted to fit your specific rig configuration.

  • Window Mode: Fullscreen
  • Screen Resolution This all depends on the screen. It’s 1920×1080 for me.
  • Anti-Aliasing: TAA
  • Motion Blur Off
  • Chromatic Abberation Off
  • FOV: 90-100
  • Vsync Off (This can be turned on or off if needed! )
  • FPS Limit Display
  • High Quality Post Processing
  • Texture quality Medium to high (This all depends upon your memory limit).
  • Effects QualityMedium
  • Shadow Quality Low
  • Foliage Quality High
  • HDR Off
  • Graphics DirectX 11 (Refer the points below to see the settings).
  • Sharpening FidelityFX

Many of these settings can be adjusted to your personal preferences. I switch between two monitors quite often. To run my game, I would choose borderless windowed mode.

DX12 may not be for everyone. DX12 may not be for everyone.

This is the FPS I used (when I used default settings, and the detected hardware).

Once you have modified the settings to those we have listed:

Let’s get on with the second part of the setup once you are done with the settings.

Modify graphic card settings

These settings can be used by AMD and Nvidia graphics card users. These settings will allow you to achieve the best performance.

For Nvidia Customers

  • Nvidia’s Control Panel is open. Right-click on desktop > click Nvidia control panel
  • Click Manage 3D Settings > Programm Settings
  • You can manually add it to the game’s list if it isn’t there already.
  • Make these changes now:

Monitor Tech GSync (If Available)
Maximum Pre-rendered Frames: 2
Threaded Optimization On
Power Management: Prefer Maximum Performance
Texture Filtering- Quality: Performance

For AMD Users

  • Anti-Aliasing Mode: Use Application settings
  • Anti-aliasing Method: Multisampling
  • Morphological Filtering Off
  • Anisotropic Filtering Mode: Use application settings
  • Texture Filtering: Performance
  • Surface Optimization
  • Wait for V-sync: Off
  • OpenGL Triple Buffering: Off
  • Shader cache: AMD optimized
  • Tesselation Mode: Use Override to modify your application settings
  • Maximum Tesselation Level: Off
  • GPU Workload Graphics
  • Chill – Off
  • Frame rate Target Control Disabled

These settings should suffice for you. You may also adjust the priority settings to increase FPS.

Updating Device Drivers

Nvidia has a reputation for pushing the most optimized drivers to ensure new AAA titles arrive. These are the links to download the latest drivers.

Disable Discord overlay in-game

I suggest that you change Discord overlay if it is something you use. It is not something you need constantly.

Disable Hardware Acceleration in Discord

  • Open Discord
  • Click User Settings > Appearance
  • To turn off the Hardware Acceleration radio, click on the icon.

Disable Discord In-Game Overlay

  • Open Discord
  • Go to App Settings > Overlay
  • Click on the “Enable in-game overlay” button to disable it.

Game Mode should be turned off

Windows claims that Game Mode optimizes all Windows processes and updates. You can enable game mode to allow you to run your favorite games while optimizing Windows. However, this is false. FPS issues have been reported to be caused by game bar. You should disable it if it isn’t being used. Shadowplay by Nvidia works better for recording video clips.

  • Click Start > Settings > Gaming
  • To get off , set the Game Bar to “Record screenshots or game clips and broadcast with Gamebar”.
  • Click on the Captures tab. Set the “Record background as I play a video game” option to Off.
  • Click on the Game Mode tab to turn it off.

How to Fix Stuttering in the Back 4 Blood

Now let’s get to the solution to stuttering in Back 4 Blood.

Stop memory-hogging apps

The task manager can check your disk and memory usage. Wait for the hotfix update if your computer still has slowdowns.

It is a good idea to close memory-hogging applications like Chrome.

Limit CPU usage

Process Lasso software can be used to limit CPU usage for specific apps. It is free and easy to use. After using the software, my CPU usage dropped by almost 20%. This can be a huge improvement.

Transfer the games to a SSD or faster HDD

Reddit user reports constant stuttering while playing Back 4 Blood. When someone asked him for his specs, he said that he had an SSD to run C Driver but that he was using an old 5400RPM HDD.

This section is about solving problems with Back 4 Blood.

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