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Ascendant Challenge This Week (April 2022) Location – Destiny 2

Not every player is aware of Ascendant challenges. This is confusing for new players as the location changes each week depending on the level of the curse. This article will explain how to easily complete the Ascendant challenge location this week.

The curse that affects the dreaming city can vary and switch between weak, medium and severe. The visuals can be used by players to identify the level of the curse as soon as they enter Dreaming City. Petra Venj’s location can be used to determine the curse level.

To make the ascendant portal appear, you will need to take a Tincture Of Queensfoil. The session lasts for 30 minutes and expires if you change maps.

This Week’s Ascendant Challenge (April 2022).

Players are often confused when there is a weekly reset. This week’s location is.

Date Challenge Name Location Curse
Mar-01 Shattered Ruins Spine of Keres Medium
Mar-08 Keep Honed Edges Harbinger’s Seclude Strong
Mar-15 Agonarch Abyss Bay of Drowned Wishes Weak
Mar-22 Garrison at Cimmerian Chamber of Starlight Medium
Mar-29 Ouroborea Aphelion’s Rest Strong
Apr-05 Forfeit Shrine Gardens of Esila Weak
Apr-12 Shattered Ruins Spine of Keres Medium
Apr-19 Keep Honed Edges Harbinger’s Seclude Strong
Apr-26 Agonarch Abyss Bay of Drowned Wishes Weak

Ascendant Challenge Location

The table below will help you find the right location for this week. To complete the Keep of Honed Edges Challenge, head to Harbinger’s Seclude.

Petra Venj Location

Petra, the curse strength of Strong, can be found on Rehasilvia.

The Ascendant challenges are great for farming dreaming city exclusive weapon such as Retold Tale. Exotics can also be obtained from Ascendant chests. This may be good RNG but it has happened many times.

Note: You have to pick up the week’s challenge from Petra, once you have it, consume the Tincture Queensfoil. After that head to the location mentioned in the article, and there will be a black ball that you can head inside. Complete the challenge accordingly and collect your weekly reward. You can complete the challenge on all three characters.

Dreaming City was the best way to farm powerful gear in the past. Pinnacle Gear was introduced this season, and people don’t like the grind. It rewards only the most dedicated players.

Let us know if you found this guide helpful.

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