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Apex Legends: Best Launch Options to Use on Steam and Origin

Today’s guide will discuss the various Steam Launch Options for Apex Legends. These launch options are explained and many other details. Find out more.

Steam’s official webpage explains that launch options can be used for changing game settings, enabling features, or creating shortcuts to bypass the Steam login window.

Apex Legends Best Launch Options

Apex Legends utilizes the modified Source Engine so all options work on Steam and Origin.

We use the following options: +exec.cfg-dev –preload –high +fps_max.0 –novid.fullscreen.dxlevel95

List of Apex Legends Launch Options/Commands

+exec autoexec.cfg

If you have an auto-execution folder, this will execute it. We have more information in our performance guide.


This launch option can be used to disable Apex Legends’ intro video. While the intro can be fine for a while, it can become annoying if you play the game daily.


This command is no longer supported. This command is used for preloading textures before the game launches. This ensures that the game runs smoothly in the future.


High priority will be given to the game’s launch. The Task Manager can also be used to set the priority of the application. This could increase your FPS a bit.

+fps_max 0

This setting is useful for setting the maximum FPS that the game will run at. This setting can be used to limit your FPS. +fps_max 0, which means there is an FPS limit, can be used to indicate this. It can be set to +fps_max 60, or +fps_max144 depending on your monitor’s refresh rate.


DirectX API version for rendering a determination.

-full / -fullscreen

Unless you change it, the game will always launch full-screen mode. This can be helpful if you have a problem with your Windows jumping.

+cl_showfps 4

FPS displayed in-game using Command This is not useful if you are already using the FPS counter in-game or a third-party app like Nvidia Overlay, Fraps.

+cl_showpos 1

This command displays Name, Position and Angle in-game. This command is useful for developers or men who modify things. This command can also be used to report bugs and other stuff, if asked by developers.

Commands that don’t work anymore

These commands are not working anymore and are found on several online forums.

  • –forcenovsync You can modify vsync options by using the in-game settings
  • –dxlevel: Selection by DirectXAPI
  • / cl_forcepreload is not working anymore.
  • -console The console does not work with Apex Legends public builds.
  • –threads (number): This launch option allows you to assign the number of threads to your application. It doesn’t work for Apex Legends.

How To Set Steam Launch Options:

  • Start Steam
  • Go to your Library and locate Apex Legends
  • Right-click on the app > Properties
  • Under Launch options, copy the list from “options that we use” into the box.

About Apex Legends

Apex Legends, a multiplayer online shooting game, is free to play and published by Respawn Entertainment. The game’s heroes, or “Legends”, can be modified with new skills and weapons to add variety to the gameplay. Apex Legends uses more traditional FPS elements that the battle royale genre, with a smaller player count per match and dotted around the map at different elevations. The game is the most played battle royale shooter videogame on the market, with over 50 million players as of March 2019.

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